Where Can A Security Tag Remover Be Used?

Where Can A Security Tag Remover Be Used?

A security tag remover is a small piece of equipment used to remove the security tags from the items that you’ll generally find at a shopping store. These tags are used to avoid theft at large stores where manual patrolling is impossible. Moreover, once the buyer pays for the items, these security tag removers are used to remove the tags from them so as to allow the customers to leave the store. Customers leaving the store with an item that still has a security tag on may be misunderstood as thieves, that’s why a security tag remover is really important at such sites.

This article is a brief description of what these tag removers are and where are they used. You’ll get a detailed idea of how important they are despite looking so small in size.

What’s Inside Of a Security Tag Remover?

Security tag removers are basically splitters that have inbuilt magnet that allows the store clerks to remove the transmitter from the tag, to ensure that the anti theft antenna don’t alarm people after they have purchased their clothes.

Where Are Security Tag Removers Used?

To remove the metallic security tags, a specific machine needs to be used. These are Security Tag Removers. Here are a few examples of stores where security tag removers are used.

At Shopping Malls

The number of theft in shopping malls has always been high. But the frequency has alarmingly increased in the past few years due to slack in security for healthy and safety reasons. Hence, in order to curb theft, companies have put security tags with sensors on the different articles in the store to ensure any theft gets caught at the door. Hence, the cashiers have security tag removers that they use to remove the tags after the item is bought.

Departmental Stores

Any smaller departmental stores are also not safe from theft. Even if is a local store, people have noticed an increase in theft and now companies have made it mandatory for security tags to be attached to every material present in the store. Hence, security tag removers are a necessity.

Grocery Stores

Panic has leaded a lot of people to turn to theft in the midst of their paranoia in stock piling up toilet paper and food rations. To prevent theft from happening in the future, even grocery stores have made it mandatory for their materials to be tagged with security tags in one way or the other. Security tag removers are also present here to remove the tags after purchase of the item.

Eyeglass Stores

As glasses are quite light weight and small in size, it is easier for them to be stolen. After several such cases at different places, most popular eyeglasses companies have mandated that it is compulsory for their frames to have a security tag with sensor on it. Hence, the store owners need security tag removers to get rid of those.

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