What to Know Before Buying a Pair of Cat Eye Glasses?

What to Know Before Buying a Pair of Cat Eye Glasses?

Cat eye glasses are back, and if you’re looking to bring the retro style into your life, this guide will help you find the perfect pair. But before you run out and grab the first pair of round cat eye eye glasses you see, there are some things to consider first. This guide will help you figure out what frame shape works best with your face shape, how to choose between glass or plastic frames, and what else to look for when choosing your perfect pair of cat eye glasses.

Points worth Considering Before Buying A Pair Of Glasses

Figure Out Your Face Shape

The shape of your face plays a big role in determining whether cat eye glasses will look right on you. For example, if you have a round face shape, it’s best to find frames that will bring out your cheekbones and elongate your face. If you have an oval-shaped face, cat eye glasses can help emphasize your facial features by drawing attention upward toward your eyes.

Select a Frame Shape for the Perfect Cat Eye Glasses

Before you buy a pair of cat eye glasses, it’s important to consider your face shape. While there are no set rules when it comes to finding frames that work with your face shape, there are guidelines. For example, round faces look best in frames with wide rims and prominent corners. If you have an oval-shaped face, consider rectangular or angular frames. Those with square faces often wear oval or rounded cat eye glasses nicely.

Consider Your Prescription Requirements

If you need a new pair of glasses, it’s important to consider your prescription. Are you nearsighted or farsighted? Do you have astigmatism? How about progressive lens prescriptions? Do you want single-vision lenses or do you want progressive lenses that offer better peripheral vision and let in more light? The answers will help determine which frames would work best with your specific prescription. Here are some other things to consider

Select Frames with Comfort in Mind

Before you invest in a pair of glasses, try on multiple frames and pay attention to how they feel. If a frame feels uncomfortable after wearing it for a few minutes, it may not be right for you. While shopping at your favorite retailer or perusing online catalogs, remember that selection is key—there are many types of cat eye glasses available, and most styles will look great with any face shape.

The Fashion Factor Is Important Too!

Even if you’re not that concerned with style or fashion, remember that fashionable glasses will work in your favor. You’ll likely be more inclined to wear your glasses if they look good, so take a few minutes and think about how you can wear them each day—even if you only wear them when you’re working from home, hanging out on Saturday morning, or taking long walks at night.


As we all know, glasses are a very personal accessory. Cat Eye Glasses look better on certain face shapes than others. Therefore, it’s important to pick a pair that suits your face shape and suits you in general. Ask your friends which cat eye glasses frames suit you best or go online and consder celebrities with your same face shape wearing cat eye glasses. This will give you an idea of which frames suit you best. And remember – don’t be afraid to experiment!