Usage Ideas for Old Pressure Washers

Usage Ideas for Old Pressure Washers

It's easy to forget that a pressure washer can be used for more than just cleaning your home. If you've got an old one lying around, here are some fun ideas to get you thinking creatively. If you decide to subject it to some cleaning task, you need to be sure its powerful enough to handle the task. If not, it can explode off because of too much stress and effort.

  • Make a toadstool lantern.
  • Use a pressure washer as a toilet scrubber.
  • Create a custom weapon that shoots out of the end of your nozzle by attaching a pneumatic gun to it.
  • Drive your lawn mower using the pressure washer's attachment.

So older pressure washers are still a valuable asset, even if they have a few problems. Don't toss them in the trash and make yourself feel better. Instead, find creative ways to use them.

You can also choose to:

  • Replace missing parts, such as the pump or hoses.
  • Repair a leaky hose with a rubber hose clamp.
  • Fix the motor with a new bearing and motor mount.
  • Fix the pump by replacing the gasket or impeller.

Best Tips on Older Pressure Washers

There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to pressure washers:

1. They can be dangerous if used carelessly. If you lack experience and don't know how to use a pressure washer properly, don't risk using it without proper supervision. But if you're an experienced user, there's no reason not to take advantage of the energy savings and convenience that a pressure washer offers.

2. Don't just throw your old pressure washer away. Rather than chucking it into the trash, consider selling it online or contacting someone who may be able to use it for parts or scrap metal. Moreover, don't forget about donating pressure washers to charity organizations

How Much Can it Cost to Revive an Old Pressure Washer?

The cost of bringing a broken pressure washer back to life can vary widely, depending on the model and whether or not you have to replace any parts.

A standard motorized pressure washer can cost anywhere from $100 for a cheap off-brand model to several hundred dollars for an industrial unit that's been used by large corporations. But if your pressure washer is significantly more worn or damaged, you can expect it to cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand.

There are many ways to get a pressure washer working again for very little money. And if you have the time, you can look into the more expensive options.

So the initial cost of your equipment is only a fraction of the overall cost of owning one, but if you don't take care of it, even expensive equipment can become worthless over time.

So how much should you expect to pay for maintenance and repairs? Here are some tips:

  • Replace your nozzles every two years or so to keep them in tip-top shape. If you're cleaning driveways or concrete patios with a concrete washer, make sure to use the correct nozzle for this job.
  • Keep an eye on your oil levels. Oil is essential to keeping your pressure washer running smoothly and safely. Have them checked every couple of weeks or so and keep an extra quart on hand.

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