The Basics Of Human Hair Lace Wigs

The Basics Of Human Hair Lace Wigs

Wigs have been the go-to style for ladies because of their convenience, ease of application, and ability to protect natural hair. They are available in two main categories: synthetic and human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are chemically processed, while human hair wigs are handmade from natural human hair. Human hair wigs are further subdivided into groups like full and lace front wigs such as 4x4 lace wigs. Lace wigs have become quite popular, so we highlight the basics of lace wigs below.

The ins and outs of lace wigs

Human hair lace wigs are known to be of two forms; full lace wigs and front lace wigs. Both have lace where the hair strands are tied, but their positions vary. The full lace wig has lace covering the entire head, while in a front lace wig, it covers the front part from ear to ear. The lace is usually light and thin to mimic the hairline and create the illusion that the hair is growing from your head. These types of wigs are breathable thanks to the openings on the lace, which allow air to move in and out freely.

Lace wigs are beautiful and have a natural appearance. Additionally, their style versatility is on a different level. Styling them is easy, and beginners can learn quickly and start wearing them. The front lace allows you to part the wig at the side or middle part, depending on the mood or style you want. You can make a bun or low ponytail for the lace front wigs to avoid showing the tracks at the back. As for the full lace wigs, you enjoy full-blown versatility in styling. Since the lace covers the whole head, you can hold the hair anywhere, in any direction you wish. You have it in a bun, single or double ponytail, or let it flow freely.

All wigs should be maintained and stored well to extend their lifespan. Overlooking any maintenance tips or techniques will cost you more than you spent when buying the wig. You'll end up buying expensive products to try and revive the wig or get a new wig within a very short time. Avoid such practices by taking care of your wig.

Wig storage is vital for all wigs. Proper wig storage should be part of your daily wig care routine. The lace in these wigs tends to weaken when exposed to direct heat or sunlight. It breaks and loses function when weak, so wearing the wig is impossible. Also, the human hair fades and becomes dry. Store the hair in a sealable plastic back to keep off dust or flat in a drawer. Some of the best storage options include the use of wig stands, hangers, and mannequins. They are designed to hold the wig, and they do it perfectly.



Human hair lace wigs are a form of investment. They are pretty expensive, so it's only fitting if you give them proper care. Know the kind of lace you want before buying and style it accordingly. Ensure it is comfortable and fits perfectly to bring out a completely beautiful look.