How to prolong the life of your hot tub

How to prolong the life of your hot tub

Owning a hot tub isn’t all about relaxing your nerves in a pool of warm water, it's a lot more. Just like every other household equipment, it demands proper care and attention.

Learn more about the basic ways to prolong the life of a hot tub below. The application of these rules is a sure way of increasing the lifespan of your hot tub. But first, you have to know your hot tub.

Getting to Know Your Hot Tub Better

Before enjoying the cool of your newly acquired hot tub, familiarize yourself with the model of your hot tub. This is because every specific model has specific maintenance tips.

Also if you are knowledgeable about the model of your hot tub you won't find it difficult to get spare parts when required.

Generally, hot tubs are low-cost maintenance. All you need is to get the required testing supplies and chemicals which wouldn’t cost more than a few dollars every month.

3 Basic Hot Tub Rules To Prolonging Its Use

If you want to maintain a healthy hot tub, here are some rules you should be observed

1. Ensure Proper Hot Tub Circulation

Proper circulation of water in a hot tub helps to keep the tub free from harmful microorganisms. Every tube contains a cartridge filter specially designed for this purpose.

Some models are automatically designed while the older models are not. For the automated ones, water is circulated twice every day. The whole process lasts about 15 to 20 minutes, sometimes even more. This is to make sure that all the water in the hot tub moves through the filters.

2. Map out a simple Cleaning Schedule

Endeavor to map out a simple cleaning schedule for your hot tub and stick to it. Remember cleaning is one of the most vital aspects of hot tub maintenance.

Both outdoor and indoor hot tubs require regular cleaning. If you don’t clean them well, they will develop scum. For an outdoor hot tub, make sure you look out for litters such as stray critters, leaves, etc. As much as possible, avoid installing your hot tub under a tree.

You can clean the hot tub using a sponge and white vinegar especially when there are traces of scum line at the edge. Remember you are advised to clean with white vinegar and not white WINE vinegar.

3. Maintain Balance in Water Chemistry

This isn’t very different from maintaining chemical balance in a swimming pool. However, a bit of trick is introduced in the maintenance of chemical balance in a hot tub because of the difference in size.

The first step to maintaining chemical balance is to run a water test. This test enables you to determine which chemical is lacking. It also helps to determine the PH level of the hot tub.

After this test has been carried out, you can now go-ahead to supply the tub with the deficit chemicals.


Generally, a hot tub will last longer if maintained regularly. On the other hand, if the maintenance of a hot tub is neglected, it will soon become a breeding ground for microorganisms. Hence, homemakers and business owners should endeavor to keep their jot tub clean at all times.