How to Buy a Quality Death Note Book

How to Buy a Quality Death Note Book

You only need to mention the name "Light Yagami," and anime lovers' eyes light up with excitement. Many manga lovers relish the thought of having a death notebook that has such powers. However, since this is impossible, they'll have to settle for a quality death note book. This does not mean that the anime-themed journal should not be of excellent build and quality. Whatever you use your death note for, you'll have to consider some factors.

What to look for when buying a quality death notebook

A journal is an essential piece of stationery for anyone who fancies keeping track of their thoughts and feelings. Thus, it must be made of quality materials to last a long time. If you're in the market for a quality death notebook, here's what to look for. Prioritize each consideration to make a decision that suits your needs. Here we go!

Binding quality

The worst thing to happen to your death notebook is that pages randomly fall out, making the journal unusable. The binding of your notebook is just as important as the pages inside it. The binding protects them from the elements. That is why the binding must be adequately made to prevent pages from falling out. You also have to figure out whether you want the notebook binding to be complicated or soft-covered.

The size of the notebook

The size of the death notebook you're planning to buy depends on what you're going to use it for. If you want a lightweight and simple notebook to carry around, go for a smaller-sized journal. Pick the larger-sized notebooks if your writing needs are more demanding. While most death notebooks come in A5 size, you can get a smaller or larger journal, depending on your needs. It feels good to go for what you want.

Cover design

Another feature that will help you determine what kind of quality death notebook you need is the cover's design. If you like neat and straightforward things, then a black-covered journal with the words "death note" inscribed might do the trick for you. However, if you want patterns or drawings on your notebook, you'll need a "death note" themed cover with all the graphics and inscriptions from the show.

Quality of the paper

When it comes to the quality of the paper, you might be okay with any; but it all comes down to the choice of pen you're going to use. If you generally use a fountain pen to write your memoirs, then a low-grade paper would do fine. But if you're using any other kind of pen, you may want to go for the high-quality paper with little to no feathering.


Let's face it; you can't get the real death note lying around somewhere, but you can search online for your best fit. First, think about what you're going to use it for, then get one that has high-quality binding. Additionally, know what kind of pen you'll use to get the right paper. Your quality death notebook will be for writing down your feelings and thus should be best suited for your needs.