Commonly Asked Questions about the UWELL Caliburn G Pods

Commonly Asked Questions about the UWELL Caliburn G Pods

To what extent do you know UWELL vape devices, especially the Caliburn G pod system? Do not worry even when you do not know much. The first step to understanding the Caliburn G device is going through some of the most commonly asked questions. The questions help shed light on the device and its operation. For instance, you can learn the significance of the caliburn g pods and their functions. Below is a simple list of some of the best questions about UWELL Caliburn G.

Frequently asked questions regarding the UWELL Caliburn G Pods

The Caliburn G device is in high demand in the market, and buyers want to know every detail about this device. If you love vaping, there is a feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing almost all the details about the device you want to buy and use. Thanks to some brands like UWELL, there is no hidden information, giving you a reason to learn and appreciate their devices even more. However, most prospective buyers tend to ask some essential questions before purchasing. Here are some of UWELL Caliburn G's most frequently asked questions.

Is replacing the Caliburn G pods a must?

You may only need to replace the Caliburn G pod when the heated coil wears out. Generally, the Caliburn pods and coils can last more than ten days, which is far longer than other brands. If you are replacing your pod, clean the pod tan first.

Is Caliburn G better than the previous version?

One of the best things about the UWELL brand is that it invests in better innovations. The main difference between Caliburn G and Caliburn is that Caliburn G has a better battery capacity. It has an 18Watts maximum output and 690mAH battery capacity. Caliburn G's battery can last you a day. However, how much you drain the battery depends on your use.

What is the leak rate of Caliburn G Pods?

Most consumers look forward to a high-performing product. One thing that the Caliburn G can guarantee you is a minimal leak rate. There is an extremely low chance of leaking unless you overfill the tank.

How many times can one fill the pods?

Once the e-liquid runs down, you will need to refill the pod. However, you do not need to wait until it is empty to refill it. You can do it when it is half empty. Also, the Caliburn pod allows you to refill it about 40 times. Once the 40 times are over, you will need to replace the cartridge.

What liquid is ideal for Caliburn G Pods?

The best liquid for your Caliburn G is one with a 50/50 or higher propylene glycol (PG) ratio. Also, the Nicotine salt e-liquid is ideal. It provides an excellent throat-hitting range of 5-20 mg in strength. Nicotine salt e-liquid also has incredible nicotine strength.


Going through the frequently asked questions about UWELL Caliburn G Pod is very insightful. It will help you understand the product more before and after purchase. The question will also help you know what to expect in the future.