A Guide on How to Cut and Care for Lace Front Wigs

A Guide on How to Cut and Care for Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs human hair have become the talk of the town with their stylish and attractive look. These wigs have attracted so many people since their introduction into the market. One significant advantage is that they are designed to fit every head size as the lace used is stretchable. However, before you wear the wig, you must prep it to fit your hairline. So, we explain the cutting and caring process of lace front wigs below.

Process of cutting a lace front wig

Front lace wigs have thin lace meant to mimic your original hairline. The lace is usually oversized, giving you room to cut off the excess based on your hairline. Its versatility comes in handy as the layout of hair varies from person to person.

Step 1

Put on the wig and position it by locating its center. Ensure the parting is rightfully placed before cutting. If you are an experienced wig user, the cutting shouldn't be a problem. There is no need to put any markings, but outlining the hairline is vital to prevent cutting too deep past it if you are a beginner.  Use something washable like a lip or eye pencil to avoid permanent marks. Hold the hair back or up to prevent any hair strands from getting snipped.

Step 2

Using a blade or scissors, cut the lace carefully. Pull the lace slightly and cut in bits ensuring you don't damage the lace or hurt yourself. The importance of pulling is to give the edge a smooth finish and make the lace less noticeable. It is advisable to cut the lace one or two inches away from the wig hairline, but it depends on your installation method.

Step 3

After making a clean cut, the wig is ready for application. Apply your choice of glue and use a skin protector while at it. Ensure it dries well and you are good to go.

How to care for your lace front wig

Like any other wig type, proper care must be given to the front lace wig. Applying the correct maintenance techniques helps keep the wig in good condition for an extended period and looks excellent and stylish.

1. Brush gently

Always remember that the hair is not attached to your scalp. Continuous tagging and pulling damages the strands and make them weak. Comb from the ends up to remove tangles and avoid brushing close to the lace.

2. Wash the wig gently

Apply a mild shampoo, work your way through the hair using your fingers and wash in warm water. Apply a good conditioner, let it sit for a while, then rinse in cold water.

3. Keep away from excess heat

Air-dry the hair but not in direct sunlight. When styling, avoid too much heat, and regular heat application is not recommended.

Final words

The right wig boosts your confidence and gives you a beautiful look. When the lace is cut perfectly, it stays flat and flawless. It's challenging for people to tell that that's not your hair. In addition, proper maintenance enhances its look, keeping it shiny and moist no matter how many times you have it on. You can always seek professional help if the lace cutting seems challenging so that you don't ruin the entire wig.