10 Fashionable Must Have Boots To Combat The Rains

10 Fashionable Must Have Boots To Combat The Rains

No one likes to have wet feet, but when it rains, that is bound to happen. Standard footwear is not designed to come into contact with water, let alone repeal it, which is why having the right rain gear is essential. Rain boots have always been the go-to solution for people who like to dress for the weather. These shoes had come a long way since when they were first brought to use. They are no longer the chunky black long boots that looked like they could go through anything, but are now chic and stylish, and make you look fashionable, even in the pouring rain. Having a good pair of boots helps repel water, keeping your feet from getting wet. Here are some of the best rain boots for women that are currently on the market and make a style statement:

Classic Hunter Boots

Classic Hunter Boots are everywhere! Right from celebrities to your neighbor next door, everyone is treating these as their go-to footwear during the rains. Available in almost any color that you can think of, these boots are incredibly fashionable, and are water repellent.

Ankle Wedge Boots

For those who want a slight heel in their boots then opting for the ankle wedge boots is a good idea. These boots can keep the water out, but only up to a certain level since the skin above your ankles is exposed. You can opt to go in for a straight color or vary it up with two-tone patterns, and you have the perfect ensemble.

Buckled Boots

Having small accents on boots is a great way to amp up the appearance and breaking away from the boring old boot styles that are a common wear. Little things like gold buckles on the side of the boots add a slight break in the shoes, making them stand out more. Opt for contrasting color buckles to make them pop.

Fluorescent Boots

Nothing like being a bright beam of color on a grey sky rainy day. Opting for fluorescent boots is a great way to add a little bit of fun and quirkiness to your look. Fluorescent yellows, greens, pinks, blues, or a mix of them all work well to brighten up almost anyone’s day.

Metallic Boots

Metallic boots are for those who want their boots to stand out and look chic, even in the rains and in puddles of water. The great thing about metallic boots is that they tend to look more expensive than block colored ones, even if they cost you far less than what you would normally pay.

Patterned Boots

For those who see patterns in everything around them, why not opt for them for your boots as well? Patterned boots can be as unique as you want them to be, especially if you find the right ones. Boots with comical designed patterns have also started making their way to popular stores, so be sure to keep a lookout if you want something different.

Animal Print Boots

Free from real fur for obvious reasons, animal patterned boots are ideal if you want to unleash your wild side in the pouring rain. Choose a pattern that you like the best and match it with plain colors to make them stand out and be the center of attention.

Color Block Boots

Just because it’s raining outside, doesn’t mean that you only have to wear shoes that match the skies. If you want to add a bit of color to your outfit, opt for boots with a block of contrasting color to make them noticeable. Remember, the bigger the contrast, the better.

Flower Power Boots

The best way to wear flowers during the rainy season is in your shoes. You can go as bright or as monotone as you want it just depends on what you prefer and let that flower power flow through.

Bow Boots

Bows make everything prettier, and having a pair of rain boots with pretty bow accents is the way to go for this one. Make sure that the bow is also made up of waterproof material so that it doesn’t get wet and lose form in the water.

And there you have it! Our list of ten best rain boots for women to make your shoes the center of attention during the rainy season.

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